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What you should be doing to your pool area before the heat begins!


May 2, 2013

Will the warm weather ever get here?  I am certain that it will, but until then, don’t ignore your pool.  The days are getting longer and your water temperature is definitely rising – any increase in sun exposure is an increase in the possibility of GREEN WATER!

Don’t wait until you have a problem, get your water tested and be sure you have enough active sanitizer in place to stop a potential algae bloom.

We had a call today from a long-time client describing the small FIRE he had in his swimming pool heater.  Apparently, landscaping around the equipment pad had gotten a tad out of control.  Luckily, this was not a tragic event, but a good reminder to the rest of us to keep that equipment area (pump, filter, heater, etc.) clear of debris, ant beds and general yuckiness!

Which reminds me…keep an eye on the flying stingers around your outdoor living space!  Watch for mud-daubers beginning to find their warm weather homes in and around your equipment.  Remember, if you do find a nest getting started, use a fresh can of wasp spray and wait until twilight before approaching it as the insects will have settled in for the night. 



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