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Don’t Ignore Your Pool During Rainy Weather!

This weather stinks!

GRRRR!  Will the rain ever stop?  Of course it will – the weather forecast for next week looks great, so don’t give up on getting ready for swimming season!

Don’t ignore your pool during this rainy period! 

IF YOU DON’T HAVE PROBLEMS WITH YOUR LINER FLOATING…Step out back and check your water level…if your water is higher than 1″ below the top of your skimmer, slog out to your equipment pad and empty to waste until you are at the 1″ spot at your skimmer face plate.  IMPORTANT:  Don’t walk away!  Keep an eye on it – if it gets too low, your liner will float, meaning that the water pressure beneath the liner will be greater than the water pressure in your pool.

IF YOUR LINER IS PRONE TO FLOATING…keep it as full as possible – the more water on top of your liner will do a better job of balancing the water pressure beneath it!

Again – HEAVY RAINS = ALGAE!  Keep up with your algaecide dosage!

We are seeing a lot of cloudy pools, remember, a “dirty” filter (less than 10# over normal pressure) will provide better filtration.  Backwash when your filter is 10-20# over normal running pressure! Call us if you have questions – 350-4442



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